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AVNation wanted a way to cement brand authority, increase website traffic, and qualify sales leads. The brand reached out to Nifty Method to help create and amplify access to an interactive definitive guide to all things audiovisual.



The AV industry is deep and wide, composed of a varied audience all seeking education and innovation in a space that rapidly changes.

AVNation, one of three major industry broadcast news companies, wanted a way to stand out above its competitors while also providing a much-needed comprehensive resource to the services and products available to its audience on the marketplace. 


The Challenge

AVNation's news offerings and podcasts were popular but the subscription and sales lists were lagging behind where they should be. AVNation knew they wanted to be seen as the industry's leading news resource, so they turned to Nifty Method for ideas. 


The Content Marketing Strategy

Nifty Method helped the client achieve these goals over six months with the following strategies:

1) Creating a definitive evergreen industry resource guide that could be produced annually, drawing on other industry-leading voices

2) Devising an advertising underwriting strategy that allowed industry sponsors to participate in a way that would want to promote and elevate their own brands, increase sales and referrals for AVNation's other product lines, and elevate brand awareness through multi-channel co-marketing initiatives. 

3) Repurpose content from the Tech Bible throughout the year in blogs, video snippets, social media, and email.





Advertising Closed Won Deals


Social Shares


Through a thoughtful content marketing campaign comprised of 5 blog posts, 21 calls to action, 5 emails, 15 landing pages, a three hundred plus page interactive directory and resource guide, 33 advertisers, and more than 50 partners, the AV Tech Bible directly contributed to 24% of direct revenue, 47% of influenced revenue, and positioned AVNation as the definitive network for AV professionals.

"The Tech Bible changes how we view the AV Industry




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