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Hydralief, a startup over the counter (OTC) retail e-commerce company, needed to go to market in a big way and grow an email list of only 500 to a list size that could produce brand awareness and revenue.

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Hydralief aimed to provide dry mouth relief through science that cares.

The Challenge

Hydralief was a new startup with a database of only 500 names of friends and close associates. They wanted to go to market with a sampling plan that would allow as many people suffering from dry mouth to try out the products. They turned to Nifty Method to help them get the word out.


The Content Marketing Strategy

Nifty Method helped the client achieve these goals over six months with the following strategies:

1) Created a marketing automation infrastructure by implementing Hubspot as their database of record and email marketing system

2) Devising a one-offer-page campaign series that used social media, influencer marketing, and email outreach to take the market to launch.

3) Repurpose content from the original offer to guide the prospect from sampler to buyer, working towards a subscription model sales program



Names and information captured


People influenced through one campaign


in web traffic


Through a thoughtful content marketing campaign comprised of 5 blog posts, 3 calls to action, 5 emails, 1 landing page, and 15 social media posts, Hydralief's database grew from 500 to more than 52,000 contact records in less than 2 weeks. Demand for the sampling program was so high so quickly that Hydralief had to limit it with the first two weeks of the campaign in order to meet fulfillment.

"This was just what our startup needed to get into the market to help dry mouth sufferers find the relief they needed" -
Ron Butler, CEO




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