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Brand Clarity Realized

Nifty Method helped The Nth Degree Academy find a new name, a new visual identity, and honed their messaging to better stand out in the career coaching and training industry.

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Thrivist is an online school dedicated to becoming the one-stop shop for their students to thrive. They are committed to creating and continuously improving a community and courses to help their students earn that much-needed "degree in yourself"-- so they can make confident and clear decisions, no matter the circumstances.

Founder Tracy Timm started the online school as requests for ongoing training and development for her audience grew out of her successful speaking career. This also meant the company grew without much separation between the programs, and it could be confusing to see where one started and ended. They needed to understand who they were becoming, how they could harness their momentum, and steer their company in the right direction.


before after thrivist rebrand

The Challenge

The Nifty Method team was originally hired to help the brand transition from multiple marketing-sales technologies into Hubspot. We began with a cultural and market intelligence assessment. We conducted interviews with key stakeholders and clients and used our creative process to gather data from the brand's digital presence.

The results were invaluable. We presented a gap analysis that illustrated every area the company needed to shift to guarantee success and will bring value to the now Thrivist team for many years to come.

We uncovered that there was brand confusion between the founder and the growing academy as well as UX and visual challenges to get from the research and consideration phase to the conversion quickly and repeatedly. 


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Thrivist GTM Strategy Thrivist GTM Strategy Thrivist GTM Strategy Thrivist GTM Strategy Thrivist GTM Strategy

Born to Thrive

Now we understood the heartbeat of the client and we built the visual and verbal brand on those truths. Career uncertainty is tough and it can be embarrassing to admit a quarter-life or mid-life crisis.  However, it shouldn't be shameful but rather hopeful to start and work through the journey to true career happiness.

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