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Whether you're beginning at the beginning, refreshing and renewing, or blowing it up to start on a blank canvas, Nifty Method's workshops help make brands more competitive with a human-centered approach.


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Ideas into Action


Change can be hard and uncomfortable. But when it's done with intention, it can be a beautiful force.

Brands are being held to a higher standard than ever. Let's articulate a clear strategy with measurable outcomes you can confidently move forward with.

Our expert team will use proprietary market insights, competitive analysis, detailed research, creative, human-centric design thinking, and more than 20 years of experience to help you determine what your audience really wants, where you're exceeding expectations, and where there is an opportunity for action. Then, we'll put into an implementation plan that can be delivered on.

Because what good is a strategy without actual execution?

Business Process Consulting

Become more effective, productive, and profitable

Is your team using a platform to its fullest potential? Or, is your team even using the right technology? Technology is evolving at a ridiculous pace, so why not leave it to your business technologists to stay up to date for you.

We review your (marketing, sales, events, customer service, and business) processes to determine what can be automated or improved using the latest technology so that your team can spend their time focusing on more important tasks. Our strategists are ready to provide you with tips and tricks on utilizing your existing technology's features to ensure you're getting your money's worth with your technology.

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Tech Stack Consulting

Discover the best technology to fit your unique business needs

There will never be one ring to rule them all, though each year we get a bit closer. However, with thousands of software offerings on the market, it can be confusing to choose the best fit for your business.

We've been working in tech since 1997, which means we're connected to the senior leadership teams as well as the product teams at many of the most popular tools on the market. By evaluating your processes and identifying any gaps or limitations, we provide you with the best technology options to assist your marketing, sales, customer service, and event teams. And then we help you jump to the head of the line and bypass the noisy sales process and potentially gain discounts to get that tech into place.

Find the missing technology for your brand nifty method

Marketing Acceleration 

Transform your marketing with a practical, proven combination of analytics, customer-centric data insights, and a test-and-learn approach. We’ll help you make immediate progress and build the internal skills you need to continue delivering the right messages to your audience — from subscribers to evangelists.

The first step is a powerful strategy. We’ll help you develop one we’ll benchmark your company against top marketers on four criteria: strategic alignment, digital maturity, reach and impact, and speed and innovation. To execute on that strategy, we’ll create an action plan that makes technology work for you through an optimized approach to design, lead generation, and other core marketing capabilities. Our collaboration with your brand will leave behind a master system that automatically connects the dots for you and puts them all at your fingertips.

Our approach helps you build internal processes that are flexible, so you can test for results and adapt continuously and quickly, making rigorous test-and-learn capabilities a core element of your marketing culture. Let's partner together to help you find the right path forward and bring a powerful combination of analytics, creativity, and business understanding to your brand’s marketing efforts.

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Revenue Acceleration

Our sales strategy session(s) help you think about short-term cash flow and long-term customer loyalty and how to maximize both for your bottom line. Implementing research on customer loyalty and revenue optimization with our proven approach to customer experience design, we help you uncover the sales insights to help you realize your full revenue potential.

Let's start achieving sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your brand’s strategy. We don’t just help your organization develop a rock-solid strategy; our team will help you execute on every ambition, providing the tools, diagnostics, and benchmarks necessary to transform how you serve your customers and earn their lasting devotion.

nifty method sales strategy consulting

Event Design

Brands face more challenges than ever when it comes to their events. Our event design workshops are here to help you think effectively and proactively around whether or not that next event should be hybrid, virtual, or in-person and how to make it engaging and effective, no matter how you choose to execute it.

Whether creating a new or improved conference or tradeshow, incentivize your sales teams, designing a product launch, or developing ideas to gain market share at your next user conference, your brand's events must adapt to a changing world. Our team of experts helps you use Design Thinking to unleash the creativity that exists within your brand and keep a human-centered approach towards problem-solving that sees a problem from the eyes of your end-user—the participant, the employee, the partner. It is a way of thinking that embraces empathy, inspires creativity, and encourages experimentation to create solutions that meet the needs of the audience for whom you are designing.

nifty method event design consulting

Customer Service

Deliver a triple play of results: happier customers, employees, and stakeholders. Leading brands know that great products and services are necessary but not sufficient: In today’s world, you have to deliver great customer experiences in order to succeed.

The main difference between service today and service ten years ago is that customers expect premium service to be built-in from the first sales or marketing interaction and carry through to the moment they ask for help, post-purchase, and back again. To position themselves for success, businesses must integrate service into the journey at every interaction point. We provide the expertise and tools that help you figure out what matters most to customers, and equip your team to deliver delightful experiences while simplifying processes and eliminating costs

nifty method customer experience design consulting

Creative & Brand Strategy

A winning brand and marketing strategy requires a balance of art and science. Yes, brand success can be measured—if you invest in the right identity, analytics, and assets. But breakthrough results only follow when those metrics are harnessed to creative insights about the unmet needs of your customers, and the most authentic ways to reach them.

Great brand strategies are co-created by inclusive and diverse teams. And we believe they are based on empirical data and intuition. To that end, our Nifty Method® framework helps you identify precisely which factors matter most to your customers.

We’ll help you bring a new sense of purpose to every element of your brand and consumer strategy—to your choices in offerings, to the customer experiences you design, and to the way, you approach the often dizzying array of sales channels that are available today. Our goal is to help you understand how your brand is perceived and how much value it delivers, today and in the future.

nifty method brand experience design consulting

What is the alligator closest to your boat?  

Is it a business process? Is it marketing?  Is it revenue? Is it culture?  All of the above?

Maybe you're not ready to reach out to an expert for help or you want to figure it out on your own? 

Download and use our Strategy Thinking and Action Plan Toolkit to get started on identifying what is the strategic issue that is the most pressing, most immediate.


alligator lurking near your boat
the nifty method


Strategic Enough so Your boss will love us,
hands-on enough your team will too

Our acceleration workshops help you set the stage to develop a strategy rooted in industry and peer-to-peer insights, experience, and a deeper understanding of your end-user through qualitative and quantitative brainstorming (yep, that's a thing) for your marketing, creative, or events.

Imagine having the data and reasoning to help see where you are, assess what's happening, understand how you got there, and decide what to do next. That's a core principle behind the Nifty Method and why we started our acceleration workshop programs in the first place. Speaking of data...


of organizations reported in a recent McKinsey survey achieving only two-thirds of their strategic objectives


cite failure to coordinate across units as the single greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy


of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution planning

Strategy and its implementation are wide concepts that cover a lot of ground, and although pretty much everyone intuitively agrees that a) having a good strategy, and b) implementing it well, are obviously good things for an organization, it's not always easy to find an agency to help guide your thinking and make your case around strategic planning.

Whether you're trying to clarify things in your own mind or guide the thinking of your boss, your team, or your wider organization, you've come to the right place.

three ways to jumpstart your strategic thinking



1-Hr Consultation

Sometimes a website just isn’t enough and a workshop is waaay too much; you want to meet face to face with an expert to have your questions answered. Let’s schedule an 1-hour consultation with one of our experts who will specifically address your questions and concerns to get you to the next step.

A one-hour consultation typically helps you:

  1. Uncover a key insight that will address your specific needs and create options to get unstuck in your planning
  2. Outline your current situation and provide a plan for moving forward
  3. Learn more about who Nifty Method, how we have helped brands with their marketing, creative, events, and strategy and how we can help YOU move forward.
  4. Ask a specific question...get as specific an answer as we can provide.

Easiest to implement. Get started today.


Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy using a digital tablet while sitting in staircase-1

QuickStart Workshop

Turn-Key, 3-hour acceleration experience
This type of workshop is meant for brands and organizations looking to quickstart ideation and discussion around the challenge alligator closest to your business boat.

If you want to add conversation into a pre-planned strategy meeting to disrupt content and increase engagement, a QuickStart Workshop might be right for you. This 3-hour experience (conducted virtually, hybrid, or face to face) can be used as a stand-alone workshop or incorporated into an existing event like your revenue kickoff meeting or annual board meeting and is ideal for up to 100 participants (although more can be accommodated).

We crowdsource in real-time with the participants, curating the topics, and then selecting the facilitators during the event. You bring the people, we do the rest!

We love it for the quick ways you get from ideas to realistic plans. Your meeting attendees love it because you can: 

1. Bring prospects and customers together, asking customers what problems they've solved and can help with, and asking prospects what problems they are trying to solve (then your customers lead the sessions for your prospects!).

2. It breaks down silos,  increases engagement across departments and stakeholder lines, and allows for networking and collaboration across business units or geographies.

3. You can use it as a replacement for field events that you might be struggling to hold in person

Easy to implement, quickest way to bridge ideas to plan. 


Nifty method quickstart acceleration workshop


The last thing you need is another strategic plan sitting unread in your shared drive or dusty on a shelf. Instead, let's get your team into a strategic 360 workshop led by an expert facilitation team that allows all members of a leadership team to work together to create a clear and concise strategy for an organization which then can be translated into an action plan that works.

Our Strategy 360 Workshops specializes in leading teams through strategy creation and refinement sessions. We can facilitate these sessions in person or virtually. Strategic planning sessions not only set the course but more importantly, they align the team and all of your many stakeholders. That is why we refer to strategy work as a team sport. The other component that is often unclear is the “particular goal”. In our experience competing priorities and inconsistent definitions of success plague teams. We crystallize the shared goal and direction during our sessions.


Having a clearly articulated plan that can be shared with all employees is an important component of any company's path to success. Internal and external forces change the organizational landscape and business climate throughout the year. The best way to prepare an organization for the year ahead is to proactively create a clear game plan. Groove Management helps organizations with their strategic planning process. We facilitate a one-day planning session that can be delivered at multiple levels of an organization. We also provide enterprise strategic planning, operating unit planning, business unit planning and team strategic planning sessions.

Our proven six step approach outlined below delivers tangible results and drives stakeholder engagement.

Kickoff Assessment

Once our team receives confirmation about your participation in the Acceleration Workshop of your choice, we send you a short assessment form to complete prior to kickoff. This form helps us start to uncover the knowledge and dynamics your team currently has to help us better level set expectations and outcomes for our time together. We also send you a list of tasks that your team will need to complete during the workshop, so you can come prepared. 

startup business team on meeting in modern bright office interior brainstorming, working on laptop and tablet computer


Our internal teams have met so that everything you shared with us during any sales or free consultation is passed through and discussed so we arrive ready to jump into action with you. The discovery meeting is a 30 min to 1-hour engagement where together we talk through where you are, where your brand wants to be, and uncover insights and thoughts about the challenges the people — be they end users, attendees, or customers — are facing that you want to solve for. 



Discovery meeting complete, our team goes offline to audit in-depth your brand's current processes, people, and performance as well as gathering competitive intelligence on what your actual and perceived top market threats are. 

We interview internal and external stakeholders, previous clients or attendees, and secret shop both you and your competitors.



We bring data, you bring ideas, and together we go places. The workshop itself is a half-day, collaborative working session powered by the tasks and goals we outlined together in your discovery call. A typical agenda example:  we start by encouraging the workshop participants to put themselves in the shoes of the user we're solving for, This will help us start generating ideas on what the user needs from the experience we're designing. We use activities such as role-playing and creating an empathy map to help the participants really understand the needs, wants feelings, and language of the user. After these activities, we share findings and ask questions, if any. From there, we get more specific on the problem and then come up with ideas and possible solutions through ideation where no idea is too outrageous. Finally, we discuss all the proposed solutions and then come up with one refined solution.

Young creative business people at office

Distill & Feedback

After the workshop, our team distills all of the information and pokes holes in the refined solution as we begin creating your recommended strategy. We research any remaining questions or concepts, gather content from previous conversations and resources to build context around the recommended experience to design your experience execution plan. We deliver these initial items to you after one week and then go through two rounds of feedback from your internal stakeholders during a two=week timeline.


Delivery of Strategy & Execution Plan

After all the feedback has been provided and implemented, Nifty Method creates a finalized strategy and experience execution plan and presents it to your team to ensure we have accounted for everything we've discussed. The user experience personas developed during the workshop set the stage for putting your execution plan into action. 

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Smart, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, organized, and on the ball.
Michael Wilson
Our absolute dream team.
Donna Dunn

So, what are you waiting for...

Team buy-in? Quarterly budget approval from your CEO?

Maybe just your morning coffee to kick your brain into full gear?  Once you have got it, a beautiful & effortless workshop planning session building the experience your prospects, customers, or attendees are waiting is in reach.